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The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 2

Cheryl Brooks













Sourcebooks Casablanca

Release Date:
October 1, 2008

Paranormal Romance


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October 2008


Set in a futuristic time, Tisana is one of the few witches who live on the relatively peaceful planet of Utopia.  She is her area’s local witch with a special affinity toward healing, talking with animals, and starting fires with her eyes.  Living alone in the woods she is supported by the local community and spends her days providing her special abilities to the locals waiting patently for “the one” who will father her child.   

What she never expected was an ex-lover named Rafe to appear at her door with a beaten and half-dead slave, especially one as exotic as Leccarian.  Dubbed Leo for short, Tisana finds the compelling and sensuous nature of her patient too strong to deny. However, Leo does not belong to her.  He is an enslaved warrior of an extinct alien race for the wife of her ex-lover.  With his feline genes he is the perfect warrior making him more powerful, agile, and most of all more virile then any man Tisana has ever met.   

All too soon their time is cut short when Rafe returns demanding her help and Leo’s to find his sons who have been kidnapped from his home.  Suddenly they find themselves drawn into an adventure of immense proportions.  Through dangerous woods in the snow and deadly sword fights the group’s only chance of find the boys is with Tisana’s ability to talk with animals who direct them on the path they need to take.  Things also become more complicated once Tisana suspects that Leo might be the one she is waiting for.  However, witches are destined to only have one female child and rarely marry “the one” who fathers their children.  Leaving the safety of her home Tisana is in for an adventure of a lifetime that will not only shape her destiny but will put the love she has found with Leo to the test. 

In my opinion this was a great second installment of the CAT STAR CHRONICLES.  I loved the world that Cheryl created in her first book of the series Slave, taking us on grand adventures with compelling characters and WARRIOR is no different.  Her heroines are strong women who fall in love with alpha males who worship them.  Tisana, with her special abilities proves throughout the story that she is able to hold her own and is no damsel in need of saving. Unless of course, the one doing the saving is a Zetithian named Leo.  The exoticness of the Zetithian feline males and their sexual prowess make them irresistible.  Able to take their women to unimaginable sexual heights they will make you sit up and take notice.  It is inevitable that once Tisana gets a taste of Leo, literally, she knew he was special beyond her wildest dreams.   

Overall, I thought the first book of the series SLAVE defiantly had more of a burn and sizzle to the pages than WARRIOR.  However, it is undeniable that the chemistry between Tisana and Leo is steaming.  I must admit I can’t wait for the third installment of this wonderful series.  With a little bit of action, romance, and sci fi – what more could you want.  Readers can enjoy WARRIOR as a stand alone book.  However, if you want to dive into the world of the CAT STAR CHRONICLES I would defiantly recommend putting the first book of the series Slave on your must read list.


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